Promoting cleandrugfree sport

The European Week of Clean Sport (EWCS) Project aims to foster clean sport values and attitudes and drug-free sport participation in four European countries. This
will be achieved through the implementation of the EWCS Campaign in Cyprus, Bulgaria, Poland, and Portugal.

The European Week of Clean Sport is a community-based clean sport campaign that will:

  • Celebrate clean sport values and attitudes in local sport communities.

  • Promote clean sport across levels and types of sport, and across age and ethnic groups.

  • Enable synergies for clean sport promotion among sport stakeholders.

  • Share best practices in clean sport education with local stakeholders and communities

Project EWCS is led by the Cyprus Anti-Doping Authority. The consortium includes the following partners:

Bulgarian Anti-Doping Centre, Bulgaria, Website
Polish Anti-Doping Agency, Poland, Website
Anti-Doping Organisation of Portugal, Portugal, Website
EuropeActive, Belgium, Website